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Dr. Ian McCann and his team at Omega Chiropractic in Chanhassen are thrilled to be sponsoring The National Flag Football league - Eastern Carver County!

Our mission at Omega Chiropractic is to empower youth athletes and their families to embrace a proactively healthy lifestyle through injury prevention education and chiropractic care. Our sponsorship of the District 112 FFL includes complimentary injury prevention screenings at our office.

These functional movement screenings are specifically designed to comprehensively examine the athlete's functional posture and how the athlete's body is functioning through a series of movements/tests. If the athlete has any functional deficits that may predispose them to injury or hinder their performance, that information is communicated to the parent and athlete, and in turn empowers them to make proactive health changes.

These exams are valued at $300 per athlete, and are FREE for ALL athletes and family members in the league. Contact us today to schedule your injury prevention/functional movement screening.


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